Upcoming Books

Santa Fe: Holy Faith

Santa Fe:  Holy Faith begins where Sangre de Cristo ends.  The story takes Kincaid, Maria, Joe, Manuel, and Willow Woman deeper into New Mexican society.  They become entangled in the web of conflicts protecting Crypto-Jews who appear to live as Santa Fe Holy FaithCatholics to avoid the Mexican Inquisition, the secret Catholic sect known as the Penitentes, and abuses of debt peonage.  The book will be released in June 2017 and will be available on Amazon.com.


Santa Cruz:  Holy Cross

Santa Cruz:  Holy Cross tells the story of how Kincaid and his friends are caught in a brief but bloody war between Hispanics of northern New Mexico vs. Hispanics in southern New Mexico.  Few people are aware of the conflict, and for those who are, there is disagreement about whether it was a civil war or a revolt.  The author takes the position that it was a civil war, and presents reasons why. The novel is expected to be released in August 2018.